About Us

BentBrain is a professional software consulting, design and development company which develops innovative Solutions to meet your unique needs. From desktop applications to web-enabled, data-driven applications.
BentBrain will create solutions to suit the needs of your business.

BentBrain has the professional and technical capability to manage the entire project, large or small, while providing the individual attention that insures project success. 

Ease of Use is a primary focus with all BentBrain Consulting  development projects. We believe that user experience affects your bottom line, and addresses the challenge of creating positive user experiences through the discipline of user engineering. 

Our team involves the users throughout every step of the design and development process, soliciting feedback to create true user-centered designs.

Since 1999 BentBrain Consulting has been working with businesses to take the steady stream of technological innovations and forge them into solid business solutions. We can handle all your information system needs from hardware integration to software development. We have the experience to develop a solution that will work for your business. Our philosophy is simple; we strive to first understand your business, your strategy and your needs both current and future. We then partner with you to develop a plan which provides clarity, direction, and vision to ultimately fulfill the goals of your project. Finally we turn that plan into a system that works for your business both now and into the future. Our experience allows us to plan, design and develop a solution that works consistently and efficiently.